Polar code
The POLAR Code is aimed at ensuring safe navigation of ships and the prevention of pollution in polar waters. It takes into account the sea and glacial ice which can represent serious structural hazards to all ships navigating in polar waters and this is reflected in many provisions of the Code, including the application of higher levels of strengthening for polar ships. The Code covers design, outfitting and operation of relevant ships, including crewing by adequate numbers of suitably trained personnel.
  • The "Code for Polar Navigation or Polar Code" which Transport Canada developed in concert with other national administrations has been submitted to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for promulgation. Renamed the "Guidelines for Ships Operating in Arctic Ice covered Waters (IMO, MSC/Circ. 1056&399) ", the Marine Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC) and the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) of that organization have jointly examined the "Guidelines" and have submitted them for consideration to various subcommittees.
  • Together with the International Association of Classification Societies Unified Requirements for Polar Ships, (IACS UR's) the Guidelines will form the first internationally recognized standards for the construction and operation of ships in Arctic Ice covered polar waters.
  • Other requirements: Port states, IMO, International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) etc.
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